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About Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett at Holos

Michael Barrett at Holos 2010

Over the last 40+ years, Michael has been in search of answers to questions he could not find via traditional Western culture, science or medicine about:

  • achieving optimal health naturally and
  • the nature of human consciousness and what actually makes us tick.

Throughout that time, he has been both a diligent student of natural health and an eastern approach to longevity and vitality. He has researched, studied and practiced persistently to find the answers he now teaches.

He is an experienced Certified Core Health and Heart Forgiveness Facilitator (certified 2009), Peak Potentials Certified Trainer (certified 2006), a Course in Miracles student for two consecutive years in 1984-85 and has a diverse background in metaphysics and internal energy and meditation.

For 8 months in 1987 and 1988, he studied Yi Chuan Kung Fu from Sifu Cheuk Fung for 8 months, four nights a week. Sifu Fung’s training is a complete system with qigong incoprporated into his training. Barrett says that Master Fung was one of the finest teachers in his experience and that the fundamentals (and the structure) he learned from Sifu Fung taught him correctly, for the first time in his life, the principles of internal energy culitvation and expression. That also laid the foundation for an expanded strength of character and internal strength that provided Barrett with the necessary tools to get through some of the most difficult challenges of his entire life in the years that followed. Barrett consistently expresses his eternal gratitude for having had the opportunity to study with Master Fung. He says it literally changed his life.

From 1994-1997, Michael was also fortunate to be the teaching assistant to an accomplished, young Qigong Master from Shandong Province, named Dr. Guan Cheng Sun, for every class during that time period and was the founding president of the board of a Qigong Institute under Dr. Sun.

In 1994, Barrett also attended a workshop in L.A. from GM Mantak Chia.

Since 2001, Michael attended approximately 50 seminars (mostly 3 and 5 day intensives) – in the areas of Self Development, Natural Health and Internal Energy, Real Estate Investing & Internet Marketing.

As well as being a participant in all those workshops and seminars, he was also on the Core Team Staff – the logistics component of Harv Eker’s Peak Potentials Seminar Company – for 27 major events in 2005-2006.

Michael Barrett Qigong 2014

Michael Barrett Qigong 2014

Barrett was born in California and grew up in Berkeley. He spent 24 years in the northwest in Montana and Seattle. In 2005 he moved to the east coast and Sarasota in 2009.

Michael is currently developing his own Workshops and Seminars and a series of lectures and e-books about vibrant health, expanding and managing life energy and how to live a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Michael Barrett is an Author, Blogger, a Certified Core Health Facilitator, a Certified Heart Forgiveness Facilitator, Trainer the Trainer 1 – Peak Potentials Certified Trainer, Presenter, Natural Health Coach, Energy Transformation Coach, and avid Qigong practitioner. He is a Gyrokinesis student. Between 2015 and 2018, Barrett plans to study and get certified in Shun Shen Tao Kungfu and Qigong from GM David Harris and to get certified as a Universal Healing Tao instructor from GM Mantak Chia in Thailand.

Michael is a workshop Facilitator.

Michael Barrett Workshops Topics include:

  • Core Health
  • Heart Forgiveness
  • Healthy Wealthy Boomer
  • Creating a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Creating Healthy Intimate Relationships
  • The Warrior Within (coming soon)

Michael has been a coffee lover since 1967 and writes about coffee at reallygoodcoffee.com. He is former owner of an espresso operation in Seattle and was in the industry for a number years. He has been an avid practitioner of Qigong since 1987 and Tibetan Rites (Tibetan Yoga) more recently.

You can circle him on his Google + Profile

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