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Today Begins a New Journey | Writing Everyday | Day One

Day 1: Writing Everyday

Day 1: Writing Everyday

I like to write and this morning I made a public commitment to write every day.

Here is the post from Facebook:

I Like to write. Today is day one on a new journey, writing more.
Starting today I, Michael Barrett, commit 100% to writing 500-2000 words a day – every day – from
now through Dec 31, 2014 at which point I will re-evaluate for 2015.

So day one: I wrote 514 words today.

This first project is an e-book about Life Energy although I am not going to divulge the title until it is complete and uploaded.

For many years, I have been studying internal energy (life energy or chi or qi) as a qigong practitioner since 1987 and an internal arts student and researcher for longer than that. So the book talks about ways to enhance and improve life energy with the long range goal of living a longer and healthier life.

Speaking of life energy, today I also attended an interesting lecture about scalar energy by Dr. Sandra Rose, the inventor of The Energy Enhancement System a scalar energy field generator. Interesting discussion of zero point energy and how amazing the body is when properly stimulated by healthy energy field patterns – in many ways a technical ‘external’ version of qigong.

Later in the evening, I did an intense phone session with a cognitive therapist, who is also a Master NLP Practitioner and a Certified Hypnotherpist who is coaching me in the areas of success, performance and abundance-money issues.

Man, did I sleep last night after a powerful cognitive therapy session with a brilliant therapist. Wow, she is the real deal. Piece by piece, it feels good to chip away at all the inner junk, emotional debris and energy glitches accumulated and compiled for decades. Getting there. Moving back into exceptional inner and outer health and it feels really good.

Keeping my word is part of my internal authenticity training – and finishing what I start.

Awesome session…

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM  a lucky man – a really lucky man…

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