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Heart Forgiveness and Core Health Workshops and Intros

You Want to Know a Secret?

michael barrett face

Michael Barrett Face

You are not broken. You never have been. You have been tricked into conformity based on a false premise, on the illusion that there is something wrong with you. There isn’t. My job is to show you how to uncover the real you: the true healthy part inside of you that is the real you; to guide you through that process using a methodology that is simple, powerful and enjoyable in a safe, intimate, interactive environment.

In the intros, we demonstrate and describe:

  • what affects our life energy,
  • how to measure it and
  • how to use the energy clearing process – live – with the group attendees’ participation

I am a certified trainer and workshop facilitator and have been facilitating effective workshops since 2009. The process is a structured series of expansion levels where participants personally learn how to expand the life energy (the field, chi, qi), the natural health and internal strength inherent in us all. All of the workshops are fully interactive – each participant gets to play and participate throughout the series. We learn by doing and measuring the results using the processes in comprehensive kinesiology© first hand.

Heart Forgiveness

Learning How to Release Anger and Manage Your Life Energy

The first workshop in the series is about healing the heart, called Heart Forgiveness. You know, like a “broken heart” and it’s all about loving ourselves again like we did when we were little children – before anger, before we downloaded and embedded the Illusion. This is the first in a series of workshops and is a great foundation and a helpful prerequisite for subsequent workshops.

Heart Forgiveness is a sequential series of 4 expansion levels – once a week for 4 sessions (or alternatively, we do weekend intensives: Fri night, Sat, and Sunday). It is the beginning course in learning how to manage our own life energy – effectively. What we do is fun and easy, yet powerful. It is like a ‘reset’ in the subconscious where we reset the defaults back to healthy ones, by dissolving the unhealthy, learned defaults that have never served us.

We accomplish this by using a system that evolved into an effective composite drawing upon the works of George Goodheart, Dr. John Diamond, integrated with the brilliant work of Dr. David Hawkins, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and compiled into a systematic approach of re-discovering and uncovering our natural inner health from the inside out. This system was 30+ years in the making and was created by Dr. Ed Carlson. I was fortunate to be personally trained by Dr. Carlson as a facilitator and received my certification in 2009.

There is a wonderful group synergy that evolves in a safe, enjoyable, fun, interactive environment. You will learn how to love yourself again.

Core Health

This workshop is made up of two segments each composed of six energy expansion levels – either 12 weeks or 3 weekend intensives:

  • Core Health 1 – Creating a Solid Self
  • Core Health 2 – Freeing All Relationship Dynamics

Core Health is a wonderful workshop to experience – comprehensive, fun, interesting and effective. Participants go through a sequential series of interactive expansions in a safe group environment. There is no need to ‘relive’ a trauma or a problem and no need to discuss it with the group – in order to clear it. As we work though the processes and the expansion levels, we let go and dissolve – piece by piece – traumas, emotional baggage, confusion, dings, dents and distortions accumulated throughout our life experience.

The clearing process is simple, fast, painless and effective.

In the first segment, we actually reconstruct our true identity – primarily by uncovering our pure core of  health as we dissolve the junk and debris covering it up. It’s like an energy and subconscious tune up that reactivates and expands the real us that has been there the whole time – rendered effectively dormant by unhealthy or dysfunctional defaults that have been overriding the healthy natural defaults for much of our lives.

In Core Health 2, the participants learn how to reintegrate the re-activated healthy self through all the dynamics of relationships: family, work, friends…

The net result is that we become whole again and more effective in our daily lives as the shifts in our energy expands and naturalizes out into both emotional and physical expression in our lives. We grow back into the expanded, natural health we were born with have greater access to our natural life energy.

These workshops are worth your time and effort. When you own the information in these workshops, they can change your life dramatically. In my own experience, I wish I had found them 40 years earlier, only they did not exist 40 years ago.

You will learn how to love yourself again and how to live free of anger.
Come sit in on an interesting introduction to this method, where you can ask questions and learn about participating in upcoming Oct – Nov workshops.
Intros run about 2-2.5 hours depending on the number of questions.

Click here for information about:

  • Upcoming Intros
    • Currently Scheduled in Sarasota, Port Charlotte and North Port, Florida
  • Upcoming 2015 Workshops
  • Host a workshop in your area.


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