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How Did You Get to Be So Awesome?

how did you get to be so awesome?

How did YOU get to be so awesome?

It’s no accident.

You came that way. Underneath the confusion, anger, disappointment and loss, you have always been awesome. It is your true nature.


Deep within your secret fortress is the real you – behind all the protection devices.

Your wounded YOU stands behind the deflector shield created to prevent any further possibility of either being hurt again or letting others see the part of you that’s in pain.

true awesome self

Your True Awesome Self

The weird part about this is two fold.

One is that you are not alone.

Everybody does this. The only difference is the degree  – or the level – to which this type of energy pattern affects our life, our health and our attitudes. Each level is specific to each individual and his or her life experience and environment.

The second is that you did not create this defense system consciously.

You did not consciously choose it and most of the time you are not consciously aware of the mechanisms when they are operating. Subconscious patterns drive this. Throughout our day to day life we accumulate dysfunctional energy patterns along the way. There is a tipping point of sorts within the human energy system. We can deal with something internally for a long time before it locks itself in when it connects to enough other small angers, emotional pain, trauma and uncomfortable or unhappy experiences. Upon achieving a system max, these events and experiences form a new pattern and collectively lock in a change in the energy.

Changes like this become customary and the new defaults.

These defaults express dysfunctional patterns on the exterior in the form of behavior, thinking, language, attitudes and health. Once this “unconscious” energy choice is made, that’s the way things are until we go back into the system and clean out the dings and the glitches by making a new, healthy energy choice that overrides the dysfunctional one.

Isn’t it interesting that things can affect us or drive our motivation, behavior and thinking patterns without our knowing it? Having a hard time thinking of an example? How about this these:

It’s been years since you spoke to your ex and in your mind you have “let that old stuff go along time ago.” Then the phone rings and your ex is on the other end of the call. Just hearing the voice triggers all kinds of old feelings and you begin to get uncomfortable. Or why do you get anxious when you find out your boss or your partner just scheduled you to speak to a large group of people? Or why do you react when someone offers criticism? Or how about your health, long term relationships, family?

You’re not choosing to respond the way you do, it just happens. It is that internal default creating the re-action.

It certainly makes identifying the problem a challenge when your conscious mind is not able to see it. And as a result, it makes resolving it virtually impossible.

Until recently, there were no simple and effective tools available to clean and reorganize negative defaults in the subconscious and energy. Now we have one that works really well and this is what we use all the time in our workshops and sessions.

The outcome – by using these tools – is to re-discover the awesome true self within you. You uncover what was already there by releasing the confusion and distortions. When that happens your re-activated, natural defaults – that have always been in your energy and subconscious mind – become the new defaults again.

And then when someone asks you:


You’ll be able to tell them.

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