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Heart Forgiveness and Core Health Workshops and Intros

You Want to Know a Secret?

michael barrett face

Michael Barrett Face

You are not broken. You never have been. You have been tricked into conformity based on a false premise, on the illusion that there is something wrong with you. There isn’t. My job is to show you how to uncover the real you: the true healthy part inside of you that is the real you; to guide you through that process using a methodology that is simple, powerful and enjoyable in a safe, intimate, interactive environment.

In the intros, we demonstrate and describe:

  • what affects our life energy,
  • how to measure it and
  • how to use the energy clearing process – live – with the group attendees’ participation

I am a certified trainer and workshop facilitator and have been facilitating effective workshops since 2009. The process is a structured series of expansion levels where participants personally learn how to expand the life energy (the field, chi, qi), the natural health and internal strength inherent in us all. All of the workshops are fully interactive – each participant gets to play and participate throughout the series. We learn by doing and measuring the results using the processes in comprehensive kinesiology© first hand.

Heart Forgiveness

Learning How to Release Anger and Manage Your Life Energy

The first workshop in the series is about healing the heart, called Heart Forgiveness. You know, like a “broken heart” and it’s all about loving ourselves again like we did when we were little children – before anger, before we downloaded and embedded the Illusion. This is the first in a series of workshops and is a great foundation and a helpful prerequisite for subsequent workshops.

Heart Forgiveness is a sequential series of 4 expansion levels – once a week for 4 sessions (or alternatively, we do weekend intensives: Fri night, Sat, and Sunday). It is the beginning course in learning how to manage our own life energy – effectively. What we do is fun and easy, yet powerful. It is like a ‘reset’ in the subconscious where we reset the defaults back to healthy ones, by dissolving the unhealthy, learned defaults that have never served us.

We accomplish this by using a system that evolved into an effective composite drawing upon the works of George Goodheart, Dr. John Diamond, integrated with the brilliant work of Dr. David Hawkins, Bruce Lipton, Ph.D. and compiled into a systematic approach of re-discovering and uncovering our natural inner health from the inside out. This system was 30+ years in the making and was created by Dr. Ed Carlson. I was fortunate to be personally trained by Dr. Carlson as a facilitator and received my certification in 2009.

There is a wonderful group synergy that evolves in a safe, enjoyable, fun, interactive environment. You will learn how to love yourself again.

Core Health

This workshop is made up of two segments each composed of six energy expansion levels – either 12 weeks or 3 weekend intensives:

  • Core Health 1 – Creating a Solid Self
  • Core Health 2 – Freeing All Relationship Dynamics

Core Health is a wonderful workshop to experience – comprehensive, fun, interesting and effective. Participants go through a sequential series of interactive expansions in a safe group environment. There is no need to ‘relive’ a trauma or a problem and no need to discuss it with the group – in order to clear it. As we work though the processes and the expansion levels, we let go and dissolve – piece by piece – traumas, emotional baggage, confusion, dings, dents and distortions accumulated throughout our life experience.

The clearing process is simple, fast, painless and effective.

In the first segment, we actually reconstruct our true identity – primarily by uncovering our pure core of  health as we dissolve the junk and debris covering it up. It’s like an energy and subconscious tune up that reactivates and expands the real us that has been there the whole time – rendered effectively dormant by unhealthy or dysfunctional defaults that have been overriding the healthy natural defaults for much of our lives.

In Core Health 2, the participants learn how to reintegrate the re-activated healthy self through all the dynamics of relationships: family, work, friends…

The net result is that we become whole again and more effective in our daily lives as the shifts in our energy expands and naturalizes out into both emotional and physical expression in our lives. We grow back into the expanded, natural health we were born with have greater access to our natural life energy.

These workshops are worth your time and effort. When you own the information in these workshops, they can change your life dramatically. In my own experience, I wish I had found them 40 years earlier, only they did not exist 40 years ago.

You will learn how to love yourself again and how to live free of anger.
Come sit in on an interesting introduction to this method, where you can ask questions and learn about participating in upcoming Oct – Nov workshops.
Intros run about 2-2.5 hours depending on the number of questions.

Click here for information about:

  • Upcoming Intros
    • Currently Scheduled in Sarasota, Port Charlotte and North Port, Florida
  • Upcoming 2015 Workshops
  • Host a workshop in your area.



This Guy Can Dance…

What do you think?

I think this couple is awesome.

Day 1: Writing Everyday

Day 1: Writing Everyday

I like to write and this morning I made a public commitment to write every day.

Here is the post from Facebook:

I Like to write. Today is day one on a new journey, writing more.
Starting today I, Michael Barrett, commit 100% to writing 500-2000 words a day – every day – from
now through Dec 31, 2014 at which point I will re-evaluate for 2015.

So day one: I wrote 514 words today.

This first project is an e-book about Life Energy although I am not going to divulge the title until it is complete and uploaded.

For many years, I have been studying internal energy (life energy or chi or qi) as a qigong practitioner since 1987 and an internal arts student and researcher for longer than that. So the book talks about ways to enhance and improve life energy with the long range goal of living a longer and healthier life.

Speaking of life energy, today I also attended an interesting lecture about scalar energy by Dr. Sandra Rose, the inventor of The Energy Enhancement System a scalar energy field generator. Interesting discussion of zero point energy and how amazing the body is when properly stimulated by healthy energy field patterns – in many ways a technical ‘external’ version of qigong.

Later in the evening, I did an intense phone session with a cognitive therapist, who is also a Master NLP Practitioner and a Certified Hypnotherpist who is coaching me in the areas of success, performance and abundance-money issues.

Man, did I sleep last night after a powerful cognitive therapy session with a brilliant therapist. Wow, she is the real deal. Piece by piece, it feels good to chip away at all the inner junk, emotional debris and energy glitches accumulated and compiled for decades. Getting there. Moving back into exceptional inner and outer health and it feels really good.

Keeping my word is part of my internal authenticity training – and finishing what I start.

Awesome session…

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM  a lucky man – a really lucky man…


You Can Never Be Alone

You Can Never Be Alone…

You can never be alone unless you choose to resist your connection to the Divine Light within. There is no separation and never could be because the All That Is can never be separated from itself. The only possible separation is created in the mind – not in the heart.

It is perception not reality.

Your authenticity is uniquely you and singular in the Universe.

Loving yourself is easy when you remember that Infinite Love already loves you infinitely and unconditionally exactly the way you are and you are the only one just like you in existence. That means you are already worthy enough to love yourself the way you love others. You are already Divinely qualified. There is no test to pass, no certification to achieve. You have always been worthy and Loved Infinitely.

Breath in the Light of Forgiveness, forgive your self and love yourself. Allow All That Is to handle the mechanics – just drop the resistance and ask for Guidance.

It can never fail that you will be heard – only that you listen to the answer.

Release resistance to accepting that Divine Love. Remember to let go. Feel the waves of Divine Love washing in through your heart like the tides of a great ocean systematically, lapping against an infinitely long shoreline in the Divine Ocean within your heart.

Let the waves heal you and bring you comfort as if you are being rocked in Divine Mother’s arms as a Divine Infant that you are who is both helpless and Infinitely powerful.

There is no limit to the Love.

Trust your inner Guide. Step off the cliff in the dark. Shine your Light into your darkness. Darkness only exists in the absence of Light and you can summon that Light – at any time – on command. It will always respond.

My Prayer

I Walk In the Light of Divine Consciousness,
I Love Myself as much as I am loved by the Divine because I am a part of the Divine.
I Love All That Is
I Love You
I am total and complete in and of myself.
You are total and complete in and of yourself.
We Are One.

There is no separation. Loneliness can not exist.
I can never be alone.

written by: Michael Barrett
copyright 2009


The Missing Teapot

The Missing Teapot…

missing teapotSpeaking about how we see the world around us, a funny thing happened this morning that demonstrates a different side of it. Upon awaking from a deep, dream filled sleep, the stainless steel tea pot was gone.

Looked under the cabinets, throughout the upper cabinets, the sink and the dish drying rack. The teapot was nowhere to be found. The first thing that went through my mind:

“Someone came in here and stole my teapot… Wow, why not the camera or my computer? That’s weird, but I love that tea pot,” I thought.

Suddenly, there it was sitting patiently on the left front burner of the stove. It somehow appeared magically. It always sits on the right rear burner because that burner heats fast and fits the bottom of the teapot perfectly.

It absolutely never goes on the left front burner for two reasons:

1) That burner doesn’t work.
2) But even if it did, I would never leave it there because anything sitting on that burner interferes with my food prep area – as well as being my coffee prep area where I grind my coffee beans prior to brewing – directly to the left.

Then it occurred to me how the teapot got there. I placed it there yesterday so I could access the rest of the stove top to clean it – and forgot to put it back after cleaning.

Since I never put that teapot on that burner and I always leave it sitting on the right rear burner, my mind told me that the teapot was gone. I literally could not see it on top of the stove – until I had exhausted all other possibilities with a groggy mind. At that point the only alternative became looking at the situation differently – and as soon as I did, the teapot reappeared.

It’s nice to learn about myself. It brings cause to wonder how many times I have done the same thing in a conversation, a relationship or in business.

Funny how the mind works.

The missing teapot exactly demonstrates what I wrote previously:

Change how we see the world, the world around us changes…
Recent Perusal While Driving…
After years of trial and error, practice and study, success and failure, it is becoming imminently clear that everything we need is available to us – within reach – whether we can see it or not. Once we change the way we see the world, the world around us changes immediately. Nice to know.

Here are examples of clarity about recent personal experiences over the last couple of weeks:

Two weeks ago, as I sat across the table from a lady I have known for several years, I realized that somehow she was different and that I had never seen her before that moment.

That same awareness was reinforced a week later while looking at a picture that I had taken.

It puzzled me how perception could shift that much. While I had understood the principle for a long time about shifting your perception and changing your world, I had never experienced it – personally – with such clarity in my life before that moment.

Subsequently, I have been examining that experience in terms of my perception and how I see the world. I am focusing my attention on pinpointing where the shift occurred so I can expand on it. This morning’s teapot experience is a concrete example of what the lesson is about.

Recalibration is in order. It has all changed.

Starting to see things very differently and as my authenticity expands, I am changing and people see me differently.

I Am Michael Barrett
Certified Workshop Facilitator


Dance Dance Dance…

I think the genius is self-explanatory in this 1:48 sec video.

What talent and what a joy to see. Every bone in their bodies is authentic about “dance” and you can see that they love doing this.

Dance is a physical expression of our soul. Watch these kids…


How To Find and Do Work You Love…

In the following video, Scott Dinsmore tells us how at a TED Conference.

This video had a significant impact on me because it reminded me that somewhere in the last 13 months I got sidetracked from my purpose and my life path. Recently I realized the joy is missing – and worrying about why is not the solution. The solution is to get back on track as soon as possible. Somehow I have forgotten what living with passion is.

Much of my adult life I have lived passionately. In retrospect, during those periods where passion was missing or diminished, life was more complicated and challenging.

Money was harder to make, it was difficult to relax and enjoy the fruits of my labor and often relationships were strained and complicated. There was a lack of clarity and good decision making – through operating in a reactive mode instead of a pro-active one. It was like living in the shadows of greatness or accomplishments from the past instead of living in the now.

As I look back, the lack of passion – for me – equates to the lack of balance and continuity, a disconnect from my authentic self and purpose.

Scott Dinsmore shows us what he learned from those already living a fulfilling life. Hundreds of interviews and over three hundred books later, Dinsmore says it comes down to three fundamental common denominators shared by those who are living their dream:

  1. Become a self expert: learn who you are, what you’re really good at and what you love.
  2. Do the impossible. The only reason you can’t do something is that you tell yourself you can’t or someone else does.
  3. Surround yourself with passionate people.

In my experience, where there is passion, life is exciting, full of joy and curiosity. Challenges are exciting and an opportunity to expand. Without it, life is dull, joyless and difficult. There is a numbness that becomes the norm.

Over the next few months, I will share my experiences with You as I rediscover my passion and expand back into my authenticity. I will be open and honest about my journey. I am not sure how this will unfold yet, but I know it’s going to.

I Am Michael Barrett.


What the Heck Just Happened?

What Just Happened Here?

Have you ever been in the middle of  something and realized:

  • what was happening was much bigger than you understood?
  • or that for the first time you didn’t have a clue what was going on – and although subtle – it was fundamentally very important?

I have.

It’s more than an “ah-hah moment”. You get that this is a potential transition point in your life – an understanding “window of opportunity”. And when this idea sinks in, it is stunning that our “view” of our self and of our skills can be significantly different than practical reality. Over the last couple of months, I learned that in some areas of my life, my perceptions differ – sometimes dramatically – from the reality of my life.

This is a real wake up call because it is obvious that I almost missed this whole opportunity to understand who I am better – completely.

Starting to look at the two distinct mind sets presented in “Thinking Fast and Slow” has triggered a personal awareness that verifies there is a distinct bias built into our “fast brain” thinking – and in this this case – my thinking.

Becoming aware that this discrepancy exists has really begun to make me look at things differently. It has triggered a shift from knowing that the way I see things is right to sincerely questioning many of the things that I have historically assumed were correct or given as a foundational truth.

In short, after starting with Marshall Thurber’s phone conference on Monday nights, I have begun to question the validity of how I see that world, or at the very least, questioning my assumptions about many things.

This experience is earth shaking on some levels because my fundamental view of the world has made sense to me for decades. And I have built upon that view in my own effort to expand, shift and master myself.

I have always considered myself open minded and willing to change, grow and expand wherever possible – mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

It is somewhat shocking to face the fact that my “open-mindedness and willingness” throughout my adult life may have been affected by underlying self-created biases that:

  • impact the very thing I am trying to learn
  • influence decisions I face or
  • may be directly affected by unidentified limiting beliefs

because of the biases inherent in the “fast system” side of normal thought processes.

This is a profound piece of authenticity. What it means to be real, to know who I am on a deeper more subtle level.

What an eye opener this is. It’s a wake up call.

I feel as if I have awakened in a new place – a foreign land that is very similar to the old world – where even the language is quite similar, yet different somehow – maybe a different dialect or a some form of secret interpretation quotient.

Yet there is definitely something very different about my world today than it was before this phase shift began for me.

It’s almost as if some people are “winking” when I get it now, acknowledging that they’re glad to see me “awake” and present, finally. It’s disturbing to observe this when I knew a long time ago I was the guy who was awake in the first place.

This experience is both disturbing and incredibly interesting.

Actual examples of my own bias came clear to me as I was working in sales over the last month and then again when I took the leader-manager profile (self-assessment) test at a management training course this morning.

Man do I have a lot to learn about my own assumptions.

I wonder what I have to change and how it will feel to experience the next series of shifts in consciousness that accompanies this process.

Another component of this experience is the fact that B.A.N.K. training has entered my life which has me actively studying the four primary personality dialects that exist among people.

So almost out the blue, I am studying how I think and how that genuinely affects how I perceive how “other” people think.

Bottom line this is very confusing.

And challenging…

And fascinating.

Something about interpolating the ‘interpolator’ or interpreting the interpreter.

Who is deciding what and what part of this is actually something that I am consciously directing? Who – or what part of me – is creating the perception in the first place or taking that perception and overlaying it onto reality to create the desired “view” that the bias wants to create in the form of perception.

I feel like the manifest punchline of life joke.

Is the joke on me, about me or am I the “comedian” in my own Divine Comedy? Am I the creator of the punchline or the recipient of the joke?

This is really weird. And I am going to have to sit with this for a while. From my new vantage point, the new questions become:

  • What I see is NOT what I get, is it?
  • How long have I been seeing the world through rose colored glasses?
  • “Every one in the room got the point EXCEPT HIM”…
  • Is my view accurate?
  • Did I make up my view to create a predetermined outcome that matches my perception of the world?
  • Which part of me is valid, partially valid and “in”valid…

It’s going to take a while for this to really sink in because this requires a comprehensive inner audit.


I AM Michael Barrett and I choose to learn how to overcome my own biases.


Be kind wherever possible

Why Do We Hurt When People We Help Turn Against Us?

It feels like we failed. That’s why.

Even when we know better.

As human beings we are reciprocal animals. We anticipate something in exchange for help or kindness or being there for someone. What we anticipate varies and is a direct reflection of our own level of acceptance of who we are – or how we see our selves – or more accurately how we think other people see us.

In the big picture, it doesn’t matter how other people see us.  But who’s talking big picture here? It’s not the “big mind” that’s participating in this. It’s the little mind, the voice in our head. The voice that creates all the critical dialogue of self talk and self prosecution.

If we really care about people and want to give them something of our selves, on a higher level, we do not expect anything in return. The big mind is not attached to getting positive feedback or acknowledgement.  The “big mind” is not motivated by “self”. The little mind is. Whatever the little mind does is conditional and expecting something in return.

The big mind is “self-less” and gives unconditionally.

Giving and Receiving

Yet there is also an aspect here that comes into play:

completing the cycle of giving and receiving.

This is not so much in the sense of if I do “this”, then you must do “this”. It’s more like completing an electrical circuit. If you have a bad ground, the lights can flicker. When the cycle of flow is broken, it is disturbing and there is a mismatch energetically. This affects how we feel when we offer help and the receiver does not accept it well or fully. It’s like sharing a beautiful sunset with someone and they grunt and walk away.

Yet the disappointment ultimately stems from expectation and small thinking. When we truly love and care, the joy comes from seeing the other person benefit, not getting recognition for giving in the first place.

Most people I know that offer unconditional love are not people. They are dogs and cats.


On the positive side, we can learn how to let go of expectations and give fully unconditionally. It can be tricky to let go and just be, but that’s what we teach.

And back to the title of this post, it hurts when we give and do not receive in return at least a sign of appreciation and acknowledgement.

The truth is that when we really help someone get through some big issues and help them clear those negatives, if we do our job right they no longer remember the negative stuff from the past.

In a way, it is a very thankless job, helping people become whole again. Because when they are whole, they can not remember NOT being whole.

This requires giving what we have to offer unconditionally.

If we feel pain when those we help turn against us, we still have attachments to what we are giving in the first place.

I AM Michael Barrett and I Am a Workshop Facilitator and Life Coach.



How Did You Get to Be So Awesome?

how did you get to be so awesome?

How did YOU get to be so awesome?

It’s no accident.

You came that way. Underneath the confusion, anger, disappointment and loss, you have always been awesome. It is your true nature.


Deep within your secret fortress is the real you – behind all the protection devices.

Your wounded YOU stands behind the deflector shield created to prevent any further possibility of either being hurt again or letting others see the part of you that’s in pain.

true awesome self

Your True Awesome Self

The weird part about this is two fold.

One is that you are not alone.

Everybody does this. The only difference is the degree  – or the level – to which this type of energy pattern affects our life, our health and our attitudes. Each level is specific to each individual and his or her life experience and environment.

The second is that you did not create this defense system consciously.

You did not consciously choose it and most of the time you are not consciously aware of the mechanisms when they are operating. Subconscious patterns drive this. Throughout our day to day life we accumulate dysfunctional energy patterns along the way. There is a tipping point of sorts within the human energy system. We can deal with something internally for a long time before it locks itself in when it connects to enough other small angers, emotional pain, trauma and uncomfortable or unhappy experiences. Upon achieving a system max, these events and experiences form a new pattern and collectively lock in a change in the energy.

Changes like this become customary and the new defaults.

These defaults express dysfunctional patterns on the exterior in the form of behavior, thinking, language, attitudes and health. Once this “unconscious” energy choice is made, that’s the way things are until we go back into the system and clean out the dings and the glitches by making a new, healthy energy choice that overrides the dysfunctional one.

Isn’t it interesting that things can affect us or drive our motivation, behavior and thinking patterns without our knowing it? Having a hard time thinking of an example? How about this these:

It’s been years since you spoke to your ex and in your mind you have “let that old stuff go along time ago.” Then the phone rings and your ex is on the other end of the call. Just hearing the voice triggers all kinds of old feelings and you begin to get uncomfortable. Or why do you get anxious when you find out your boss or your partner just scheduled you to speak to a large group of people? Or why do you react when someone offers criticism? Or how about your health, long term relationships, family?

You’re not choosing to respond the way you do, it just happens. It is that internal default creating the re-action.

It certainly makes identifying the problem a challenge when your conscious mind is not able to see it. And as a result, it makes resolving it virtually impossible.

Until recently, there were no simple and effective tools available to clean and reorganize negative defaults in the subconscious and energy. Now we have one that works really well and this is what we use all the time in our workshops and sessions.

The outcome – by using these tools – is to re-discover the awesome true self within you. You uncover what was already there by releasing the confusion and distortions. When that happens your re-activated, natural defaults – that have always been in your energy and subconscious mind – become the new defaults again.

And then when someone asks you:


You’ll be able to tell them.

I AM Michael Barrett. Alexandra Barrett and I Do Interactive Group Workshops, Private Sessions and Life Coaching. Join us for a workshop, you’ll love it and you can read testimonials from other participants and clients here.

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