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How Do You Eat a Rainbow…

how do you eat a rainbow?

How do you eat a rainbow?

Rainbows have always fascinated me – ever since I was little. Rainbows remind me of playing in the rain as a kid and the comforting smell as the rain starts to turn into steam and evaporate off the warm street. They remind me of watching amazing sunsets after a big storm. Rainbows remind me of what it is like when life is magical.

Today I feel like a rainbow.

beach rainbow

Awesome beach rainbow…


Rainbows remind me of harmonic continuity, of coherence, of balance, of all seven notes in octaves, of the chakras or the seven levels of understanding in every Hindu or Sufi tale. Rainbows remind me of Judy Garland and somewhere over one…

Rainbows make me smile and feel grateful and amazed and humble.

Rainbows make me want to take a bite out of the Universe and taste it.

But how do you eat a rainbow?

With lots of love and attention and maybe a red spoon. Here are a few incredibly eatable rainbows. Can you taste the color spectrum in your mind? It’s like having living color taste buds.

Rainbow lemon cheese cake

Rainbow lemon cheese cake

This rainbow lemon cheesecake is pure genius. It makes me remember how much I like fresh lemons and berries together and how a ripe strawberry makes juices when you bite into it and the finish is a perfect match for lemon or any other berry. It’s like a palate in your mouth waiting to be painted.

It’s like looking into the sky at sunset and seeing layers and layers of pastel skies each stacked upon another waiting for a chance to sparkle and shine when the sun hits it just right.

It’s like a berry parade.

Rainbow Pancakes - Wow...

Rainbow Pancakes

Rainbow Pancakes?

A stack of rainbow pancakes is so well spoken as a piece of art.

Here’s a short stack – right off the menu at the Fantazmagorical Intergalactic House of Pancakes.

Or maybe it’s one of many choices on the breakfast menu at a Walt Disney Breakfast Cartoon Restaurant where Pluto and Mickey have a pancake eating contest or maybe all of Donald Duck’s nephews all order them at the same time.

There is magic in the batter and the moon and the stars and lots of rainbows. It looks like what magic must taste like.  Purple magic, rainbow magic. Yum.

Rainbow cake

And for dessert – rainbow cake…

And for dessert…

Rainbow Cake.

How did the person who frosted that cake get those rainbow colored sprinkles to stick on the outside of that purple frosting.

Had to be magic.

Rainbows work because they stimulate our imagination and our playfulness and they connect us to something much bigger than the sky.

How do you eat a rainbow?

With your eyes, with your heart and with your spirit and if you have a magic baker in the neighborhood, with your mouth.

Savor each bite and make the colors a part of your soul.

Eat a rainbow.

I AM Michael Barrett.


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I love myself the way I am…

Be kind wherever possible

Be kind wherever possible


This is a song I used to sing to my kids when they were little.

You can click on this link to hear it.

I Love Myself the Way I AM

It is a Unity song written and peformed by Jai Michael Josephs in the following Youtube clip…

Or you can listen to a recording of it (and follow along as the lyrics scroll through the video) here:





In this short 2 min 31 sec video, Jim Carrey talks about “Awakening”.

He is much more than baby boomer born in 1962, a regular guy who thought about getting a job in the steel mill where he grew up. He is a man who has worked his way to the top, through all the struggle and mistakes, and persisted until he succeeded.

Here we get to know him in a new way and there is a good message.

Carrey’s presentation offers reverence, sincerity and a recognition of something magnificent. Simultaneously he seems almost shy talking about his experience. There is both a tone of authenticity and humility. Seeing him expose a new part of himself we get a sense of childlike awkwardness coupled with truth.

Perhaps it is the contrast to the flamboyant persona of his comedy characters and comedic interpretation of life in the common man’s “fast lane” that makes this talk so genuine, considerate and meaningful.

” I experienced an expansive amazing sense of freedom.”

and later…

“I was no longer a fragment of the Universe, I was the Universe…”

Whatever it is that we notice going on here – the unspoken message – it is strikingly obvious and captivating  in a subtle sort of way and confirms our underlying attraction to Carrey’s genius and intelligence. We get a re-newed sense of what it is about him that we were attracted to in the first place.

Carrey said this in an interview:

In a Hamilton Spectator interview (February 2007), Carrey remarked, “If my career in show business hadn’t panned out I would probably be working today in Hamilton, Ontario at the Dofasco steel mill.” When looking across the Burlington Bay toward Hamilton, he could see the mills and thought, “Those were where the great jobs were.”   Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jim_Carrey

Jim Carrey brings joy to millions with his wit and intensity compounded by our anticipation of what he will do next and what kind of a situation will he get himself into and how it will make us laugh as we share something special with the rest of humanity.

Here is Carrey’s message about the Mainstream Media…

This guy understands who we are.  Here is a man who GETS IT.

Maybe this is why he brings us joy and maybe this is what he has wanted to say to us for a long time.

I AM Michael Barrett  and I AM a Core Health Facilitator.


Neg to Pos

Negative emotions impact how we live our daily lives.

Most of us have a tendency to immerse ourselves in the negative when something triggers them – what someone else says or does, or a memory of something negative related to what is happening or being said.

What we see over and over again in our live workshops or private sessions with clients is that everybody experiences negative emotions yet few people arrive with effective methods for dealing with them. Part of our work includes systematically removing energy distortions that trigger negative conditioned responses. We get to the root cause and clear it out similar  to running a defrag program on a Windows lap top.

By observing participant patterns closely over a period of several years, it is clear that behavior patterns are a by-product of an energy or information distortion within the human-bio-energy system. Behavior is a result – almost a peripheral outcome.

What’s interesting also is that behavior is a choice – whether it is conscious or subconscious. We are in charge of our patterns and distortions – whether we know it or not – because we are the only ones who can choose them – or choose to change them.

We are always on the lookout for tricks and methods that are helpful for students and clients and here is a one perspective that I read this morning that has merit. The idea is called the “Process of Pivoting” – what a simple – yet powerful – concept.

Lyla Rose

Lyla Rose - What Makes Me Feel Good

What Makes You Feel Good and Why Are You Thinking about Anything Else?

“Anytime you feel negative emotion, stop and say:

Something is important here; otherwise, I would not be feeling this negative emotion. What is it that I want? 

And then simply turn your attention to what you do want. . . . In the moment you turn your attention to what you want, the negative attraction will stop; and in the moment the negative attraction stops, the positive attraction will begin.

And—in that moment—your feeling will change from not feeling good to feeling good.

That is the Process of Pivoting. –— Abraham”

Finger Pointing

Bear in mind that this is not merely finger pointing.  We do the work too.

We are learning – through teaching and observation – how to both create and choose our patterns and end results. Everything we teach, we do. We actively participate in the process with every single client and group of students – every single time.

Much of that which seems complicated is actually simple. Many times our perception of that simplicity is the complicated part. Making a choice is always easy. Knowing that we are choosing – or remembering to make a different choice is the tricky part. Mostly we are forgetting to remember.

We Always Have Two Choices: Resist or Accept, Be Strong or Weak.

There are two choices at every juncture, at every decision point, in everything we say and do. We can choose to resist what is happening or accept what is happening. There are ultimately no other choices. When we choose to resist anything, our energy goes weak. When we choose to allow whatever is happening, our energy is strong.

The same concept applies to choosing a negative emotion or changing one. It is always up to us.

Choose strong because the best of you always emerges that way and you are in charge – not someone else or some event from the past. Lao Tzu said it well:

The Way to Do Is to Be…

Practice the process of pivoting. It is simple and it is effective. You can shift from a negative emotion to a positive one any time you choose.

We guide people through the experience of rewriting emotional and energy blueprints. And we can help you remove the glitches and distortions that create the negative patterns in the first place – when you are ready – permanently. We help you uncover and re-discover the healthy and natural energy blueprints you were born with. Being powerful and healthy is the natural default of the Universe.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Workshop Facilitator and an Energy Blueprint Coach. 

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Michael Barrett Loves the 57 Chevy 2 Door

Michael Barrett and 57 Chevies…

What Are Your Dreams?

This was part of mine 3 years ago – still is – an automotive dream.

The screen capture of this Blue 57 Chevy convertible is from my first Mind Movie  – and what a gorgeous car. Somebody can paint, yes? It’s like the perfect color for that convertible.

The 57 two door Chevy has always been my favorite body style of the late 50’s  vintage American cars with “fins”. It’s a love story that launched in 1968-9 with the first of three 1957 Chevy 2 doors that personally captured my heart and imagination.

The First: A Competition Orange on Black 2 Door 57

The first belonged to a friend of mine who worked at a 76 Union Station.

It was hard top custom painted competition orange with black  custom button and diamond interior,  powered by a 427 with a 4 speed and tons of horsepower. My friend crafted this car over several years. Before I met him personally, I frequently used to see it parked by the Lucky Supermarket near the 76 Station. Subsequently it was stolen and stripped by professionals.

What a car…

The Second: A Black on Black Perfect – Hard Top 2 Door 57

The next 57 – and still my favorite to this day – was a black on black absolutely perfect 2 Door Hardtop. At the time, I did not know the difference between a BelAir or a 150 – I just liked the cars and I was only 16. So it could have been a modified BelAir or a 150.

The builder was a fanatic and spent about 7 years building it – but I never met him personally to verify details. When I knew this car it was owned  by a subsequent owner.

Story has it that the builder of the car would show up at the Fremont Drag Strip on Friday nights and would promise to race it. Each time he got a green light at the starting line, he would gently drive the car down the track fully enjoying the fact that everyone was looking at his beautiful 57. Meanwhile his competition would blast off seriously trying to win the 1/4  mile race. Supposedly he did actually race it one night and blew the doors of his competitor and then refused to ever race it again – profusely begging forgiveness from his Black Beauty…

It was an unusual 57.

And it was fast – powered by a 375 horse 327 Fuel Injected Corvette engine and running gear. And although there is a lot of new technology today with superior metallurgy capable of producing significantly more horsepower, I still love the old vintage 327 engine configuration – and the deep throaty sound of those old small blocks when the drivers uncapped their headers.

How This Black 57 Was Different…

Stock 57 Chevy Hood Ornament  Source


The hood was simpler than a traditional 57 Belair – with a very clean looking elegance.  In retrospect, it is not clear to me if it was a modified 57 hood or a modified 55 . It was immaculate and absolutely appealing with ~40 coats of clear on top of a rich, deep, black paint job – with no visible imperfections looking down the side of the car.

The following pictures demonstrate what I am talking about…

57 Chevy Modified Hood

57 Modified Hood

The hood on this white 57 on the left is very similar to what I remember – only the car I’m describing was all black.

The side panels were also very similar only the black 57 in my story was even more simplified and cleaner looking than the white one pictured here.


Black 57 Chevy Side Panel

Black 57 Chevy Side Panel

The black 57 that I remember was kind of a cross between the 3 57’s pictured here:

The black one on the right
The white one above and
The yellow one below

The rear side chrome on “my black 57” was just like the yellow 57 below and you can see how sleek it is compared to the stock chrome on the black one pictured here.

Stunning Yellow 57 Chevy 2 Door Hard Top

Stunning Yellow 57 Chevy 2 Door Hard Top

This yellow 57 is pretty darn close to the car I am talking about with the following exceptions:

  • The hood on my story car was very much like the white one above. Very clean with all the gaudy chrome overkill that came stock on those cars – removed.
  • The Chrome : the black “story 57” had almost identical side panel chrome as the yellow one pictured here – which I absolutely love – compared to the stock chrome on the black one above. Also the Black Beauty has chromed bumpers which looked great against the amazing black paint job. Although I actually like the painted bumpers from an aesthetic standpoint – they’re not practical if you drive the car.
  • The Black Beauty was black not yellow.
  • The Black Beauty stood differently than the yellow one here which is raked. The Black Beauty’s suspension was exactly the c0rrect height – slightly lowered – to match the beauty of the car’s profile and also in terms of handling performance.  It handled well – it was not just a straight line car.

So maybe you can visualize the car I remember.


The Third Fast Forward to 1994: A 57 Red on White Immaculate Convertible 

This car was as clean as the blue one in the screen capture at the beginning of this article. Only it was a stunning, striking, deep red with white tuck and roll interior. It was all original and absolutely perfect inside and out.

This car was parked outside the Rich’s Custom Upholstery shop on 100th and Aurora Ave N in Seattle. When I saw it, the windows were down, there was no carpet in it yet and there were no door panels installed. As I looked at it, I could tell it was a frame off restoration nearing completion.

With the door panels and carpet removed, I could see the floor board metal had been blasted and repainted. Everything electrical and mechanical was brand new – the wiring harness, the high beam switch, the servo motors in the doors for the electric windows, the mechanical components of the convertible top – everything…

The top was brand new, the seats, the paint, the chrome – perfect like factory showroom condition.


The 57 Chevy.

When I build my 57 it will have all the ingredients of my favorite 57’s over the years and I’ll post it when it’s built.

I AM Michael Barrett 

More 57 Chevies


Michael Barrett Gratitude Family

Looking over 2011, there is much to be grateful for and grateful I AM.

It’s not easy to look backwards and move forward at the same time so I don’t do it much anymore except to review the goodness that has taken place, the lessons  learned and to recognize both good choices and how to make improvement. I used to dwell on the past regularly.

For now it serves me better to see what can be instead of what was. Was isn’t “now” and can never be.

Michael Barrett and Sarah Bell

I have a 7th grandchild – Lyla Rose with whom I had the pleasure of meeting and sharing her gentle spirit this Thanksgiving – along with her daddy Jonathan Bell – for the first time. Both are a blessing. Seeing the choice my daughter – Sarah Bell – made for a life mate gives me hope for the future in a way because it says to me that the younger generation is actually thinking for themselves and evaluating possibilities in a powerful way. It says to me that my daughter has good judgment and I need not worry about her life choices any more. What terrific people and what inherent kindness and intelligence and motivation. It pleases me to know this.

Lucky, Sarah and Dad

Spending time with my son – Lucky Barrett – in his environment showed me the quality of friendships he is developing and the type of friend he truly is. He showed me a new and better way to be a friend myself and I am grateful for this knowing. I am glad for him to be so real at such a young age – what a fine, gentle, powerful and authentic man he is becoming. Knowing this fills me with joy, a sense of excellence, and a type of resonance that somehow tells me goodness and quality are alive and thriving in 2011 regardless what the media tells us.

Jonathan Bell, Lyla Bell and Michael Barrett

Spending several days with these beautiful children has taught me so much about myself. There is good rooted in my choices earlier in life. And in a new way, each of them taught me how to love this week. They did this simply by creating a contrast to my conditional love in the past by giving theirs to me unconditionally in the present.

They provided a new way for me to understand what family really means that I never understood as a younger man.

My wife had a similar wonderful experience with her son in Richmond , VA.

Something else came through by watching them be who they are. My daughter and son and granddaughter each displayed – for me  – a living expression of a little piece of myself in the world. It is a sense of contributing something valuable to the world that will live on.

It is an expression of the Divine because each is a miracle.

And each child is a Blessing in our lives…

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Core Health Facilitator.

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The Michael Barrett Mind Movie…

Michael Barrett’s First Mind Movie…

Or life before Camstasia Studio 7 when homespun video was a mystery and kind of a video patchwork quilt…

For me, creating this video was a whole lot of work  – and quite complex – using three pieces of software and not even being aware of Microsoft Movie Maker at the time.

What Are Your Dreams? Have You Made Your Vision Board?

This was mine 3 years ago…

57 Blue Mind Movie Chevy I still love the message and Montana and especially the Blue 57 Chevy convertible – what a gorgeous car.

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Michael Barrett Visits Siesta Key Beach

Michael Barrett is a Siesta Key regular.

Siesta Key in Sarasota, Fl is an awesome beach. We absolutely love this place. The sand is pure white. It is 99% quartz crystal sand and one of the coolest features about this sand is that it does not burn your feet when it’s hot. It stays cool enough to walk on it barefoot even on very hot days.  We describe this sand in the second video in this post – be sure to watch it.

It is consistently rated as one of the top beaches in the U.S.. And it’s not just me saying it either – although my opinion is based on a diverse life experience and a 40+ years of trying stuff as an adult.
ABC did a piece entitled:

The Top 10 Beaches of 2011: The Best Places to Spend Your Summer

Dr. Beach has published his annual list of the best beaches in the United States

Siesta Key Beach

Siesta Key Beach

Guess which is the #1 Beach in the ABC Article?


Top Ten Beaches in the U.S.

  1. Siesta Key Beach – Sarasota, Florida
  2.  Coronado Beach in San Diego, Calif.
  3. Kahanamoku Beach in Waikiki, Oahu, Hawaii
  4. Main Beach in East Hampton, N.Y.
  5. Cape Hatteras in the Outer Banks of N.C.
  6. St. George Island State Park, Florida
  7. Beachwalker Park Kiawah Island, S.C.
  8. Coast Guard Beach in Cape Cod, Mass.
  9. Waimanalo Bay Beach Park on Oahu, Hawaii
  10. Cape Florida State Park in Key Biscayne, Florida

Here is another video taken at Siesta Key where I talk about the sane and show the viewers what the sand is like and why we like this place so much. Before we lived in Florida, I never liked the beach because the water was always cold and did not like the sand. What a difference.

Check out this video:

What are you waiting for? Come visit and participate in a WORKSHOP and Create a New Energy Blueprint  with us and rejuvenate and relax for a week or two.  You’ll love it here.

I AM Michael Barrett and I AM a Core Health Facilitator and see what other people are saying at Core Health Testimonials


Michael Barrett – Who Am I?

“Who Am I?”  is the topic of this video – meditation. 

How many times have you asked yourself that question in your life? It’s a common question in mine and even in this blog. Who is Michael Barrett?

Chopra Center 21 Day Meditation Challenge – Day 6

Whether you’re a regular in meditation, or not, you’ll enjoy this video. It is very calming and relaxing. The voice leading the meditation is Davidji.

Will the Real Michael Barrett Please Stand Up and discussions about authenticity. What’s interesting is how many aspects – of who we are – really exist. The more we look and the more questions we ask, the more we find out.

Have you ever looked into the mirrors in a barber shop (or a salon) where there are mirrors are on both walls facing each other? What you see in the mirror is layers and layers of you – pictures within pictures continuously.

That’s like human consciousness.

Think about this:

Do you ever hear yourself say something to someone else – and then ask yourself (mentally):

“Where did THAT come from?”

It’s almost as if someone else said it, not you. I have many times.

For many years, we’ve been looking at this question: Who Am I?  The theme of this video is being the observer, the witness, taking some time to observe yourself objectively without judging what you are looking at, in the same way you might watch a movie about someone. Only in this case, you are the actor in the movie you are watching.

There is a really enjoyable book entitled “Freedom from the Ties That Bind” by Guy Finley that has some very creative exercises in it about watching your own “thinking”. It’s a similar idea to the practice in this video – both are interesting and useful tools to get a better handle on the question who am I.

Each time I come back to meditation, I always feel as if I am home again. Within the first few minutes of meditation, I begin to remember who I am…

I AM Michael Barrett and I Am That,  I am.


What Makes Michael Barrett Tick?

What Makes Michael Barrett Tick is a complicated question.

Just two years shy of 6 decades of life experience, successes, mistakes, self reflection, research, reading, self development seminars and rigorous practice, the answer is only now beginning to make sense.

Have you ever noticed how lonely it feels sometimes as if YOU are the only person experiencing something important – a discovery, a difficult experience or life lesson? Do you find yourself asking questions internally like:

  • How come nobody gets this? or
  • Am I the only one thinking about this? or
  • Am I the only one struggling? or
  • Why does it seem like I am the only one having trouble with this?

When I typed out the title it occurred to me to Google: What Makes Us Tick and the results surprised me. I had no idea that Harvey Mackay had written a book by that name nor that so many people were preoccupied with the topic from so many diverse perspectives.

At that moment, it did not occur to me – in my infinite wisdom – that everyone wants to know what makes them tick and that, within the collective unconscious, this is merely one of the many required courses in the school of human consciousness curriculum.

Somehow it always surprises me to wake up to the realization AGAIN

  • that we are all part of something bigger
  • that we are never separate and
  • believing that we are is only some aspect of denial we have yet to overcome

Yet each time this happens, I am somehow pleasantly surprised. On some level it provides reassurance that progress is being made and on another it reaffirms that the collective unconscious is constantly seeking the truth. It reminds me there are both health and strength in union and that any sense of isolation is my ‘human’ part.

What Makes Michael Barrett Tick is knowing ultimately that our intelligence, power, wisdom and love is eternal. We are all connected to Source. Source is life. When there is resonance to this knowing, there is both a shift from resistance to allowing and from the ‘human’ part into the ‘being’ part.

I AM Michael Barrett.