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Qigong and My Life…

Suggested Qigong and Life Energy Books

Qigong has been a sincere interest of mine since 1987, the first time I learned the fundamental qigong system integrated into Sifu Cheuk Fung’s Yi Chuan Kungfu. I still practice Sifu’s ‘framework’ – not every day, but regularly and mostly the postures I like the best – following his teaching to the best of my recollection. Whatever else I have studied, I always default back to his system as a basis for comparison because it works better for me than anything else. The interesting thing for me is that what he taught me I learned in my energy, cells and muscles – not in my head. Prior to being his student I learned Wu Style Tai Chi for 2 years and practiced it twice a day regularly for several. At this point, I can not remember the Tai Chi set, but I remember what Sifu taught me. My energy remembers it.

Michael Barrett Qigong 2014

Michael Barrett Qigong 2014

I had the pleasure of studying with Master Fung intensely for 8 months 4 nights a week. I learned more in that 8 months than all the preceding years of Karate, Wu Style Tai Chi training and practice (starting in 1971) combined. Sifu Fung is not only a highly accomplished Kungfu master, he is one of the finest teachers I have ever had and the best martial arts and qigong teacher in my life experience.

I am not saying that lightly because over the course of 5 decades, I have had a lot of teachers – in school, college, many courses and webinars over the last 25 years, plus over 50 – three and five day – intensive seminars since 2001.  Only a few of those teachers – from many fields of study – have been exceptional. He is one of them.

Unexpectedly events changed my life dramatically and I was unable to continue studying with Sifu. In addition there was an unfortunate misunderstanding between us that took place in the 90’s that led to us go in different directions. But, if you live in the SF bay area, I highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportuntity to join his classes if you can.

Teaching qigong properly is a very great responsibility and I have always felt I was not qualified to do so. Life energy is not a toy. While it is fun and fascinating, it is BIG medicine. To me, manipulating a person’s life energy – or showing them how to – requires a high level of clarity, comprehension and advanced training. You really have to know what you are doing. From what I have observed in my experience, most Qigong teachers don’t. Choosing to teach qigong requires an amazing amount of dedication and patience. Some day I will be there, right now I am not. I have a very short fuse for example, when students show up to class and have not practiced. As a teacher this would make me nuts.  In addition, I have not been sanctioned to teach.

But I highly recommend learning qigong and the internal martial arts and I would like to see it implemented as mandatory training in all grammar schools nationwide. I believe in two generations, it would completely change our society through an abundance of long range benefits.

Expanding Life Energy

Life energy cultivation and expansion has grown into a passion for me on a personal level. But an even greater passion is sharing it with other people mainly because – in retrospect – choosing to learn it and practicise it over the years has been one of the singlemost important decisions in my life.

Since 2009, I have been fortunate to learn other methods of life energy expansion that are not related to martial arts or qigong. These methods have accelerated my ability to dissolve blockages in my life energy flow, in the emotions and the subconscious. In retrospect, this has improved the expansion of my life energy and my consciousness in a very positive manner and has had a positive impact on my personal energy practice.

Here’s a interesting starting point to begin learning about qigong.

Interesting Microcosmic Orbit Video…

The following is a video of Mantak Chia explaining the microcosmic orbit. It is well done and worth the ~14 minutes if you are interested. Check it out.


Here are some of the books about qigong and life energy that I recommend. (This is an affiliate link, when you buy something, I make a commission.)

A good starter book is:

Image of Mantak Chia's Book Awaken the Healing TaoAwaken Healing Energy Through The Tao“, by Mantak Chia, 1983. This is a classic that I first read and studied in the 90’s. It is an excellent primer in Mantak Chia’s Taoist version of practising the microcosmic orbit. I attended a weekend intensive with Mantak Chia in Los Angeles in the ’94 or ’95. If you’re into qigong and haven’t seen this book, it is one that you probably need in your collection. This is a helpful book that’s easy to follow – providing an effective practice. I got into it pretty intensely during my meditations for a couple of years. I still go back to this practice because it is effective.

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