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Testimonials from Workshops and Training Participants, Graduates and Personal Session Clients

Core Health Workshops, Heart Forgiveness Workshops and Funny with Money Workshops have changed the lives of many people. The work and the methods are exciting, effective and a pleasure as a participant or as a facilitator. The links below are to some of the testimonials from hundreds of individuals who have changed their lives via the workshops, training, private sessions and coaching from Michael Barrett and Alexandra Barrett (MAB Workshops).

This is only a small portion of the actual list because each of the testimonials are handed coded at this point and we only have so much time in a day. However, we will continue to add testimonials as quickly as we are able.

Participants love attending Core Health and Heart Forgiveness Workshops and Facilitators love facilitating them. Private sessions and coaching with workshop graduates have proven to very effective and have made a real difference for many individuals regarding challenges with relationships, identity, anger, dysfunctional emotional and even addictive behavior patterns.


Testimonial from Chris Petersen about Michael Barrett

Michael Barrett Testimonial from Sajan Melcher

Loryn Haber Testimonial for Michael Barrett Workshops

Steve Levin

D.A. Tyler

Sylvia Arse

Barbara Brand

Susan Settle

Sue Martens

Bert Carpenter

Tim Van Atta

Vivian Bottini

Timothyray Laber

Mary Cetan

Michael Barrett

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