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The Missing Teapot

The Missing Teapot…

missing teapotSpeaking about how we see the world around us, a funny thing happened this morning that demonstrates a different side of it. Upon awaking from a deep, dream filled sleep, the stainless steel tea pot was gone.

Looked under the cabinets, throughout the upper cabinets, the sink and the dish drying rack. The teapot was nowhere to be found. The first thing that went through my mind:

“Someone came in here and stole my teapot… Wow, why not the camera or my computer? That’s weird, but I love that tea pot,” I thought.

Suddenly, there it was sitting patiently on the left front burner of the stove. It somehow appeared magically. It always sits on the right rear burner because that burner heats fast and fits the bottom of the teapot perfectly.

It absolutely never goes on the left front burner for two reasons:

1) That burner doesn’t work.
2) But even if it did, I would never leave it there because anything sitting on that burner interferes with my food prep area – as well as being my coffee prep area where I grind my coffee beans prior to brewing – directly to the left.

Then it occurred to me how the teapot got there. I placed it there yesterday so I could access the rest of the stove top to clean it – and forgot to put it back after cleaning.

Since I never put that teapot on that burner and I always leave it sitting on the right rear burner, my mind told me that the teapot was gone. I literally could not see it on top of the stove – until I had exhausted all other possibilities with a groggy mind. At that point the only alternative became looking at the situation differently – and as soon as I did, the teapot reappeared.

It’s nice to learn about myself. It brings cause to wonder how many times I have done the same thing in a conversation, a relationship or in business.

Funny how the mind works.

The missing teapot exactly demonstrates what I wrote previously:

Change how we see the world, the world around us changes…
Recent Perusal While Driving…
After years of trial and error, practice and study, success and failure, it is becoming imminently clear that everything we need is available to us – within reach – whether we can see it or not. Once we change the way we see the world, the world around us changes immediately. Nice to know.

Here are examples of clarity about recent personal experiences over the last couple of weeks:

Two weeks ago, as I sat across the table from a lady I have known for several years, I realized that somehow she was different and that I had never seen her before that moment.

That same awareness was reinforced a week later while looking at a picture that I had taken.

It puzzled me how perception could shift that much. While I had understood the principle for a long time about shifting your perception and changing your world, I had never experienced it – personally – with such clarity in my life before that moment.

Subsequently, I have been examining that experience in terms of my perception and how I see the world. I am focusing my attention on pinpointing where the shift occurred so I can expand on it. This morning’s teapot experience is a concrete example of what the lesson is about.

Recalibration is in order. It has all changed.

Starting to see things very differently and as my authenticity expands, I am changing and people see me differently.

I Am Michael Barrett
Certified Workshop Facilitator

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