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What the Heck Just Happened?

What Just Happened Here?

Have you ever been in the middle of  something and realized:

  • what was happening was much bigger than you understood?
  • or that for the first time you didn’t have a clue what was going on – and although subtle – it was fundamentally very important?

I have.

It’s more than an “ah-hah moment”. You get that this is a potential transition point in your life – an understanding “window of opportunity”. And when this idea sinks in, it is stunning that our “view” of our self and of our skills can be significantly different than practical reality. Over the last couple of months, I learned that in some areas of my life, my perceptions differ – sometimes dramatically – from the reality of my life.

This is a real wake up call because it is obvious that I almost missed this whole opportunity to understand who I am better – completely.

Starting to look at the two distinct mind sets presented in “Thinking Fast and Slow” has triggered a personal awareness that verifies there is a distinct bias built into our “fast brain” thinking – and in this this case – my thinking.

Becoming aware that this discrepancy exists has really begun to make me look at things differently. It has triggered a shift from knowing that the way I see things is right to sincerely questioning many of the things that I have historically assumed were correct or given as a foundational truth.

In short, after starting with Marshall Thurber’s phone conference on Monday nights, I have begun to question the validity of how I see that world, or at the very least, questioning my assumptions about many things.

This experience is earth shaking on some levels because my fundamental view of the world has made sense to me for decades. And I have built upon that view in my own effort to expand, shift and master myself.

I have always considered myself open minded and willing to change, grow and expand wherever possible – mentally, physically, emotionally, energetically and spiritually.

It is somewhat shocking to face the fact that my “open-mindedness and willingness” throughout my adult life may have been affected by underlying self-created biases that:

  • impact the very thing I am trying to learn
  • influence decisions I face or
  • may be directly affected by unidentified limiting beliefs

because of the biases inherent in the “fast system” side of normal thought processes.

This is a profound piece of authenticity. What it means to be real, to know who I am on a deeper more subtle level.

What an eye opener this is. It’s a wake up call.

I feel as if I have awakened in a new place – a foreign land that is very similar to the old world – where even the language is quite similar, yet different somehow – maybe a different dialect or a some form of secret interpretation quotient.

Yet there is definitely something very different about my world today than it was before this phase shift began for me.

It’s almost as if some people are “winking” when I get it now, acknowledging that they’re glad to see me “awake” and present, finally. It’s disturbing to observe this when I knew a long time ago I was the guy who was awake in the first place.

This experience is both disturbing and incredibly interesting.

Actual examples of my own bias came clear to me as I was working in sales over the last month and then again when I took the leader-manager profile (self-assessment) test at a management training course this morning.

Man do I have a lot to learn about my own assumptions.

I wonder what I have to change and how it will feel to experience the next series of shifts in consciousness that accompanies this process.

Another component of this experience is the fact that B.A.N.K. training has entered my life which has me actively studying the four primary personality dialects that exist among people.

So almost out the blue, I am studying how I think and how that genuinely affects how I perceive how “other” people think.

Bottom line this is very confusing.

And challenging…

And fascinating.

Something about interpolating the ‘interpolator’ or interpreting the interpreter.

Who is deciding what and what part of this is actually something that I am consciously directing? Who – or what part of me – is creating the perception in the first place or taking that perception and overlaying it onto reality to create the desired “view” that the bias wants to create in the form of perception.

I feel like the manifest punchline of life joke.

Is the joke on me, about me or am I the “comedian” in my own Divine Comedy? Am I the creator of the punchline or the recipient of the joke?

This is really weird. And I am going to have to sit with this for a while. From my new vantage point, the new questions become:

  • What I see is NOT what I get, is it?
  • How long have I been seeing the world through rose colored glasses?
  • “Every one in the room got the point EXCEPT HIM”…
  • Is my view accurate?
  • Did I make up my view to create a predetermined outcome that matches my perception of the world?
  • Which part of me is valid, partially valid and “in”valid…

It’s going to take a while for this to really sink in because this requires a comprehensive inner audit.


I AM Michael Barrett and I choose to learn how to overcome my own biases.

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