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You Can Never Be Alone

You Can Never Be Alone…

You can never be alone unless you choose to resist your connection to the Divine Light within. There is no separation and never could be because the All That Is can never be separated from itself. The only possible separation is created in the mind – not in the heart.

It is perception not reality.

Your authenticity is uniquely you and singular in the Universe.

Loving yourself is easy when you remember that Infinite Love already loves you infinitely and unconditionally exactly the way you are and you are the only one just like you in existence. That means you are already worthy enough to love yourself the way you love others. You are already Divinely qualified. There is no test to pass, no certification to achieve. You have always been worthy and Loved Infinitely.

Breath in the Light of Forgiveness, forgive your self and love yourself. Allow All That Is to handle the mechanics – just drop the resistance and ask for Guidance.

It can never fail that you will be heard – only that you listen to the answer.

Release resistance to accepting that Divine Love. Remember to let go. Feel the waves of Divine Love washing in through your heart like the tides of a great ocean systematically, lapping against an infinitely long shoreline in the Divine Ocean within your heart.

Let the waves heal you and bring you comfort as if you are being rocked in Divine Mother’s arms as a Divine Infant that you are who is both helpless and Infinitely powerful.

There is no limit to the Love.

Trust your inner Guide. Step off the cliff in the dark. Shine your Light into your darkness. Darkness only exists in the absence of Light and you can summon that Light – at any time – on command. It will always respond.

My Prayer

I Walk In the Light of Divine Consciousness,
I Love Myself as much as I am loved by the Divine because I am a part of the Divine.
I Love All That Is
I Love You
I am total and complete in and of myself.
You are total and complete in and of yourself.
We Are One.

There is no separation. Loneliness can not exist.
I can never be alone.

written by: Michael Barrett
copyright 2009

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